2013 at a Glance

Looking back over 2013 fills us with excitement about the future of Hope Education.  We are more prepared now than ever to impact the lives of children and youth.  Here are some of the the highlights from the last year.

1. Hygiene Matters Pilot Launched

It’s hard to believe that work in Togo started as recently as May.  In a very short time, we’ve trained a team of 12 facilitators, completed and had the evaluation protocol approved by the Ethics Committee, mapped the prevalence of soil-transmitted helminths in Lomé, and trained 1,163 public school teachers.  We can’t talk about these achievements without mentioning those who made them possible: an incredible team of volunteers from Assemblies of God churches in Togo and France, the Togolese Ministry of Health, the Togolese Ministry of Education, and Health and Development International.  We can’t wait for another year like this one.

2. Major Growth in South Africa

Our South African office was established in 2012 with 1 local employee.  Since then, we have grown to directly oversee 4 program sites with a total of over 30 local staff members.  This is indicative of the increase in program stability and potential for impact.  Programs are more effective as they are increasingly locally based, and we have been excited to see the development of efficient site teams and the leadership growth in all of our employees.

3. Thousands of children and youth impacted

This is what it all comes down to.  This is our contribution to systemic change: thousands of parents, caregivers, teachers and children receiving tools that will empower them to protect themselves from threats to their health and wellbeing.

Individuals Impacted by HEF Prevention Programs in 2013

Individuals Impacted by HEF Prevention Programs in 2013

Here’s to a great year, and the thousands of people who made it possible.


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