26 Teacher Trainings in Lomé

Hygiene Matters is one step closer to the classroom.  1,146 public school teachers are now trained to teach the hygiene education curriculum in schools.

The Hygiene Matters program consists of 3 major components: teacher training, the teaching of the 6 Hygiene Matters lessons in schools, and the distribution of deworming medication in those same schools.  Our amazing team in Togo has just completed the first round of the first program component: they’ve trained 1,146 public school teachers in Lomé, and they did it in just one week.  They oversaw a whirlwind of teacher trainings, in which over 200 schools were represented.

What is a teacher training like?

A teacher training lasts for one full day, and is typically attended by approximately 40 teachers.  A team of certified facilitators conducts the training, while representatives from the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health assist and supervise. The training covers:

Teachers practice an object lesson on hand-washing at a Hygiene Matters teacher training

Teachers practice an object lesson on hand-washing at a Hygiene Matters teacher training

  • The history of Hope Education
  • An overview of the Hygiene Matters Program
  • In-depth explanation of the Hygiene Matters Lower Primary and Upper Primary curricula
  • Teaching methods and resources
  • Hands-on practice
  • Important information about intestinal worms
  • Medication storage, handling and distribution
  • Necessary reporting tasks
  • Logistical implementation framework: Who will supervise implementation?  What are the next steps? When will they implement the program?

The teachers receive one set of books for their personal use at the training.  Student materials are delivered to the schools just before Hygiene Matters lessons begin.

Why do we train teachers?

We believe in building local capacity so that our programs are sustainable.  It doesn’t help very much if we show up and teach a class of children how to practice better hygiene.  It’s expensive and difficult to maintain.  But if we teach local teachers how to do this, they will be able to teach class after class of children.  They will also be on location to provide ongoing support to children who have already received the prevention education intervention. Teacher trainings help the teacher and the student, and we believe that when they are implemented at a large enough scale, they improve the entire country’s chances at a brighter future.

Teacher trainings refresh teachers’ knowledge of general teaching practices, show teachers how to use Hygiene Matters materials, and qualify teachers to help with the administration of albendazole.  They increase the capacity of the teacher to accomplish their objectives and to empower children.  This is one way that Hope Education uses its resources to create lasting change.

So what’s next?

The next step of the Hygiene Matters pilot is the KAP survey.  KAP stands for knowledge, attitudes and practices.  The survey is a written survey that will help us to measure children’s hygiene knowledge, attitudes and practices before and after participation in the Hygiene Matters program.  Once we’ve done the first KAP survey, the 1,146 teachers will start teaching Hygiene Matters in schools.

This sounds interesting. Is there any way to help?

Yes! You can help us by sharing updates like this on social media platforms like Twitter, by giving money to help fund these activities, and by learning more about the issues that young people around the world are facing.  Following us is one great way to learn more about these topics.

Donations to the Hygiene Matters program will help fund things like transportation of materials to schools, procurement of evaluation supplies, and albendazole that will treat children for intestinal worms.



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So excited to read these lines !! Thank you @Hope Education for what you do. Thinking of all the certified facilitators I had the privilege to meet last year... Keep going !! You do an amazing job for the children & youth of your country !!