Funding Extension for FMP and Project AIM

Funding Extension for FMP and Project AIM

Funding for the Families Matter! Program (FMP) and for Project AIM has been extended until March 2014. Both programs have been funded by a PEPFAR grant administered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which expired in September. This extension will allow us to continue with the programs at their current scale as we pursue continued funding past March.

Both programs have been in the pilot phase and are poised for expansion throughout the entire country, starting next year. Up until now, we have assisted CDC in laying the groundwork for these programs in a South African context. Looking ahead, we will be building on the existing groundwork to scale up the programs.

With the extension, we have taken on direct supervision of our Project AIM sites and our Orange Farm and Cape Town FMP sites. This means that we will be operating directly at the following 4 sites:

  • Cape Town (FMP)
  • Nelspruit (Project AIM)
  • Nquthu (FMP)
  • Orange Farm (FMP & Project AIM)

We are still in the process of specifying the exact expectations for each site; however, we can expect at minimum to reach another 150 youth in Project AIM and approximately 1,000 parents and caregivers with FMP. To date, over 300 youth have participated in Project AIM and nearly 5,000 parents and caregivers have completed FMP.

During the past month, our team has been conducting training and capacity building sessions at sites to encourage staff for the coming months. The potential that we see at all of our sites and the experience that has been gained thus far are exciting. When we accepted these programs from CDC, we merely understood their significance in a theoretical way. Now we have been able to see the impact on the ground: parents reporting behavior improvements in their children, children reporting that they now feel they can talk to their parents about the issues they face, adolescents equipped with hope for the future…this is the impact that we are excited to see. And now, thanks to continued funding, we will continue to see this impact for at least a little longer.


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