fm-3Families Matter!

Families Matter! is focused on equipping parents and caregivers to fulfill their potential as primary educators for pre-adolescents. The program combats HIV by empowering these influencers to teach their children about healthy HIV prevention practices. keep reading


hm-1Hygiene Matters

Hygiene Matters is a hygiene education and deworming program that we are implementing in West Africa, where the prevalence of intestinal worms can reach up to 50% of the school-aged population. keep reading



iMatter is a character education curriculum and teacher training program that is designed to equip primary schools students with the motivation and knowledge they need to combat HIV/AIDS. keep reading


aim-1Project AIM

In Project AIM, imagination is the key to success. The program encourages children to focus on what they want their lives to look like, and helps them devise practical steps to making those dreams a reality. keep reading