Dr. John Hodgson

Dr. Hodgson is an accomplished interventional cardiologist who has been in academic practice since 1983. He was a Full Professor of Medicine at Case Western University in Cleveland, has served as an editorial consultant for many cardiology journals and has authored or co-authored over 200 articles, book chapters and interactive teaching tools. He is a member of several national professional task forces that developed competency, appropriateness, and guideline statements related to cardiovascular care delivery. Dr. Hodgson serves on the Board for three cardiovascular imaging societies, has several device patents and has also produced award-winning web-based cardiac image interpretation tools for health care professionals.

Dr. Dale Berkey

Dr. Dale Berkey has served for over 20 years as the President of BBS & Associates, a ministry development and public relations agency serving more than 30 Christian ministries and educational institutions. He is also an ordained minister and a co-author of several ministry development books. Dale and his wife Debby reside in Akron, Ohio.

Brian Boyd

Brian Boyd is the founder and CEO of Media Connect Partners, LLC (MCP), a social media agency specializing in strategy, community development, and day-to-day execution of social media plans. Boyd combines his 25+ years experience in the business and IT worlds with the latest social media trends to craft social media strategies that keep his clients on the cutting edge. Having staffed MCP with a team of strategist and social media experts; together they have worked with prominent clients, including Joel Osteen Ministries, Bank of New York, Rodale Publishing, OneHope, Food for the Hungry, Hachette Book Group, and many more. Prior to starting MCP, Boyd held key positions with leading companies in the communications, real-estate, and technological fields. Boyd serves on the boards of Hope Education as well as Oral Roberts University. Brian and his wife Fran live in Charlotte, NC, and have two children who both attend Oral Roberts University.

Joe Byker

Joseph Byker is a Vice President with Byker & Associates, Inc., which invests in energy, real estate, medical devices, and innovative technologies. Joseph received his B.A. in Business Communications and Spanish from Calvin College and his MBA from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. He and his wife Janae live in Hudsonville, Michigan.

Bob Hoskins

Bob Hoskins is the founder and executive leader of OneHope, a worldwide organization serving the world’s children. Bob is married to his lovely wife Hazel, has three children, David, Rob, and Kimberly, and eight grandchildren.

Grace Pinto

Grace Pinto is the Managing Director of the Ryan International Schools. This includes a network of over 300 schools throughout India with early expansion into the Middle East. The Ryan School’s motto is, “Excellence in education and all round development of our children.” This is pursued by providing a positive learning environment in which resources are channeled to achieve the maximum development of the physical, intellectual, social and spiritual aspects of our children’s personality, to effectively contribute to the well-being of the society. The aim is to instill in them a shared perception of life which will draw them closer to their peers elsewhere, thus promoting a peaceful and harmonious environment where everyone can co–exist irrespective of caste, creed and culture.

Mike Zender

Mike Zender is Professor of Design and Director of the Graduate Program in Design at the University of Cincinnati. A third generation typesetter and designer, Mike founded and operated the design consultancy, Zender + Associates, Inc. for thirty years. His work for multinational corporations such as IBM as well as global NGO’s and Christian ministries has been published regularly and exhibited internationally since 1980. Professor Zender received his graduate degree from Yale University where he was the Carl Purrington Rollins Fellow. In 2004 he was a Medical Informatics Fellow at the Marine Biology Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA, and in 2009 was named a National Fellow of the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) for his leading contributions to design and design education. He is a regular speaker, author, and presenter at international conferences on design and design research such as SIGGRAPH and IASDR. Professor Zender’s research on non-verbal communication through simple symbols in visual storytelling and cross-cultural communication is uncovering principles for communication design and design research around the world.